Video Production & photography

I worked together with the founder of WanderfulSoul to create a promotional video for one of the company's programs. I traveled to Mexico where I shot the video and took photos of the trip to be featured on the website. The homepage banner was also shot during the retreat. All footage is original and has been filmed and edited by me.


Cauldron: A Board Game of Competitive Alchemy
Lead Designer + Video Production & Animation

I was fortunate enough to work with an amazing team to bring this board game to life. After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, we were able to push the game into production. You can now purchase it online and in your local gaming stores.


DeSigner | website + brand identity

A Toronto marketing agency worked with me on bringing their brand to life. I designed their logo and website.


moya dean
art direction | photography + website + modeling

I partnered up with a local marketing agency to bring a fashion brand to life. We worked with the client from idea conception to execution. We did a photoshoot with models and hired a local photographer, and I photographed the client's collection for the Etsy shop, as well as consulted on website design. As a bonus, I got to model a few items myself and am featured on the client's site.